Lyata Screed

A factory prepared blend of carefully selected raw materials, cement and graded fillers, it is designed for use with water and aggregate to produce high strength, water retaining and self-curing screed for interior and exterior floor applications.it meets and exceeds the requirements of national and international standards.



LYAT MAUER is a high polymer modified tile KLEBSTOFF adhesive suitable for fixing wall tiles. it is designed for heavy duty applicant for fixing tiles vertically on variety of building surfaces .It gives excellent bond on cementitious surfaces like concrete and plaster. The presence of polymer forms a waterproof barrier b/w two surfaces and has excellent grab properties.

For fixing heavy duty tiles on walls and large format tiles on interior and exterior floor surface.

Excellent slump & grab.
Suitable for thick & thin installation.
Also suitable for marble tiles.
Resistant to stain, seepage and discolouration

Suitable Substrates:
Cement mortar bed, plaster, terazzo.

Coverage:3.5-4.5 Kg/sq meter for a bed of 3mm thickness.

Packaging: 20Kg

Colour: Grey and white