Lyata Screed

A factory prepared blend of carefully selected raw materials, cement and graded fillers, it is designed for use with water and aggregate to produce high strength, water retaining and self-curing screed for interior and exterior floor applications.it meets and exceeds the requirements of national and international standards.

Glass Mosaic


Amulya purpose, high polymer-fortifide powder vast utility including applications for floor & wall in interior & exterior areas. It is a cementitious thin-set powder to be mixed only with water to install various types of medium & large & large format tiles & stone on a variety of substrates using thing thin -set method of installation.

Applications:- Designed specially for interiors & exterior floor & wall installations of all types of ceramic tiles, vitreous tiles, semi-vitireous tiles, glass mosaic tiles, precast terrazzo and natural stones over concrete and a variety of substrates,

●Multipurpose polymer thin-set adhesive, Exceeds ANSI A 118.4, suitable for mosaic, and various tiles & stones, suitable for various substrates.

Suitable Substrates:
●concrete Cement Mortal Beds, Ceramic Tiles and Stone, Concrete Masonry, cement Plaster Brick Masonry, Cement terrazzo , Exterior Grade plywood , Gypsum wall Board, Cement Backer Board**.

*Interior use only when mixed with LYATACOL super flexible latex Admix

**Consult the backer board manufacturer's data sheet for the specific recommendation

Coverage: Approx.55-60 sq.ft. per 20kg bag with a 1/4''×1/4'' (6mm×6mm) square notch trowel for a bed of 3mm.

Packaging: 20kg .

Colour: Grey and white