Lyata Screed

A factory prepared blend of carefully selected raw materials, cement and graded fillers, it is designed for use with water and aggregate to produce high strength, water retaining and self-curing screed for interior and exterior floor applications.it meets and exceeds the requirements of national and international standards.

Readimix Plaster


Ready mix plaster is a polymer modified Ready mixed plaster suitable for application on all externally & Internally lined surface like Brick, Black cement, sand Plaster, old scrap surface and RCC surface. It is an improved and finger grade of portland cement, Graded sand and polymers with water soluble additives. It giives excellent bonding, better finish, good workability and setting characteristics with more retaining strenght. Tha ready mix plaster renders a durable finish wall on wich tiling can be done faster & efficiently. It requires a minimum surface preparation before painting also. It has good bonding strenght self curing  ready mix plaster. It is ideal for use in green building.
Interior / Exterior / RCC surface / Blocks / Bricks / Sand Plaster / Old Scrap surface

• Direct application on Blocks / Bricks/ Stone walls / Concrete surface • suitable for thick bed installation • Less water for curing • minimizes the changes of shrinkage and cracks • Ever lasting • Low wastage • Saves time • Easy to use • Cost saving • Environment friendly • Sets gradually • Better Aesthetic value • Ferro insta Plast replicates traditional Mortar Plaster • It is faster and easy to use.

Packaging:  20kg
Colour:   Grey.
Coverage: Approx coverage 10-14 sq. ft. / 30kg bag at 12 mm bed thickness and also depending upon the undulation on wall or ceiling.