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About Our Company

"Lyatacol is the world leader in tile & stone fixing solutions"

Lyatacol has emerged as a trendsetter since its formation. The company has established itself as a hallmark of quality, exceptional service and innovation. In this modern era the demand of costumer have changed their perception towards flooring. Tiles are seen as one’s domestic adornment.

We believe in providing the best service to our customer. Grout colors have become an integral part of flooring so we offer a range of grout colors to make the floor look beautiful.

Our aim is to provide a complete flooring solution that can give flooring its own unique personality.

Today we are striding forward and taking big leaps to enlarge the trust of millions of Indians and build ourselves as a pioneer in customer satisfaction and trustworthy in quality. Our company is providing itself as a rising star on the horizon of the trading fraternity likewise trading institutions.


LYATACOL has Earned its Positive Reputation because we go out of our way to provide quality products to fulfill the requirement of our valuable customers. We understand about your dream of a beautiful home.

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Lyata Mauer

Lyata Mauer The wall Adhesive is a high polymer modified tile adhesive suitable for fixing wall tiles and stones. This thin set adhesive a designed to mix with water and has a convenient open time with high adhesion and work ability. It gives excellent bond on cementitious surfaces like concrete and plaster. The presence of forms a waterproof barrier b/w two surfaces and has excellent grab properties.

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Ceramic Tile Adhesive

Ceramic Tile Adhesive is a wonderful mixture of cement, polymer and natural minerals and other aggregate to produce adhesive when mixed with water. For installation of small and medium tiles on floors, for interior only.

It is a fantastic product in single packing with unique features and advantage. It is easy to apply and can be carried out by an ordinary labour.

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Lyata Unscour Grout

Lyata Unscour Grout is non-shrink cementitious grout with a unique 2- stage shrinkage mechanism. It is non-metallic and contain no chloride with a special blend of shrinkage – reducing and plasticizing water reducing agents. Our product component for shrinkage in both the plastic & hardened rates. It is graded aggregates, fortifiers and colour fort pigment suitable for interior and exterior application. It is used for porous & absartant type tile, non vitrified clay tiles, marble & glazed wall tiles it is recommended for ceramic, vitrified, non vitrified tiles and stone for filling joint of 1mm to 3mm.

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